Few thoughts about future

Points from a conversation between Jack Ma and Elon Musk

While watching the above video, I had a few thoughts which I thought would be good to post here. These are not very well arranged and are my own personal.

In a Jack Ma and Elon Musk conversation at Shanghai, Jack Ma says that he wishes for a future where people have to work only for 3 days a week, 4 hours per day. Electricity will give them more time by doing their part of the job. So that they have more time being human beings. So that they can go to dances, beaches, visit more cities and so on.

My thoughts:

So as of now, when people are dis-connected from each other because of technology (think about lonileness), what do they do in their free time?
Netflix? Facebook? Insta?
So what are people gonna do when they get more free time? More netflix? More facebook? Point is, when in past, people had to work to get their bread, they were happy. Their physical health was good, mental health was good (assumed). There was no need of gym. No need of counselor. This free time, where there is no worry of getting food, facilities, electricity, seems like the root cause of depression, or unhappiness. Won’t people start to have existential crisis?

I feel that "Be busy. Be happy" works.
What if such situations arise: Oh I am bored of life, there is nothing to do.

Few more thoughts:

So people have seed-banks (for example Svalbard global seed vault). Because they are afraid of human disaster. That someday, all crops might get extinct. They are afraid that something might happen to earth oneday. They are already suspicious. People (like Musk) are trying to be multi-planetry. Means they are not sure of earth’s future. Earth which has been there for millions of years, now it doesn’t seem to be safe anymore. Wow.

Ah I can’t sleep with peace now. Just one question in mind:
If mars can be made like earth, why earth can’t be?

Few more points from the conversation:

  • Elon Musk
    • 26:45 Human are extremely slow compared to AI. Same goes for current education system. In future you can just upload a book directly.
    • Best way to predict future is to make it.
  • Jack Ma
    • Men can never make men (not even mosquito).
    • Computers can calculate/memorize better than humans. Humans need to be creative (dancing, painting) etc.
Amit Yadav
Software Engineer